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Bringing a sense of community back to your street
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"Streetclub is a great way to get the community together. We've all been here for years and never met until today" (Sue, Swindon)
Tea Morning
"Streetclub really helped us to get everyone to come together and renovate our hall, and now it’s the centre of our village life" (Sarah, Suffolk)
Fir Street
"We’ve always been really community-minded, and with Streetclub, we’re making our street an even better place to live!" (Sarah, Wales)

What is Streetclub

Ever thought how much more social, helpful and rewarding it would be if you could easily talk, share and plan with your street?

We did too - so we created Streetclub to connect you & your neighbours with a private 'on-line community noticeboard' that's easy and safe to use.

Why not start a club, talk, share and plan with those around you, and bring back a sense of community today!

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Our Values



We think Streetclubs are first and foremost local – local people, local issues, local deals.


We do not read your conversations. Share your posts only with your club members or your local area.


Three club types and visibility options means you control who you connect with and what they see.


Streetclub is for everyone. So we have included offline tools for downloading your club’s activity in a handy newsletter to be dropped through everyone’s front door.


Like B&Q, Streetclub believes that better homes mean better lives. For us bringing people together in an easy, convenient and flexible way has the potential to make them feel better about where they live.


Don’t like direct marketing? Neither do we. We will not send direct marketing to your email address or sell your data to any third parties.

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There are 1796 clubs across the UK

Streetclub lets you



What_streetclub_does_talk_image It’s ideal for involving neighbours in conversations that affect our area, so we can decide what to do and keep everyone informed simply and easily


What_streetclub_does_share_image I really needed a ladder to clear out my gutters. It was great to be able to borrow one from my neighbours, rather than having to buy one – and I even got an offer of some help too!


What_streetclub_does_plan_image When we were organising our Big Lunch, Streetclub was perfect for telling everyone about the meetings, asking for support, and then bringing everyone together for the big day.